Plan for Fidelity Park

Here’s our current-plan-in-progress … please let us know what you think! The land drops off toward the woods, away from a ridge along the driveway; this helps with visual screening.

A = tall native screening shrubs
B = picnic tables under existing mature pine trees
C = community garden (quiet)
D = jogging trail with exercise stations
E = paved path for wheelchair access
F = benches along paved path
G = oblong small dog run (noisy)
H = playground (noisy)
J = platform for yoga, ceremonies, stargazing
K = open field

Gray area is Davie graveyard, brown area is Fidelity woods. The eastern edge of the north-south driveway now has Bradford pears, which will soon be replaced by native species … let’s plant thick shrubbery so that people can toss frisbees without disrespecting mourners!

Although in 2016 we urged the Carrboro Town Council to pause, listen to us, and think for just a few months that spring, they insisted upon letting Google rush their relay shed onto the edge of the Fidelity woods.
That spot would have been ideal spot for a small parking lot for this park.
(Seven years later we still don’t have Google fiber along Fidelity!)
The park plan below was submitted that spring.
(West is “up”.)
We hope their decision process will be slower and more thoughtful in 2023.

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