Help make something beautiful!

Where is open space? Where are Carrboro’s parks?
This large open green space down Fidelity is town-owned. It’s behind the Farmer’s Market, past the fire station and gym. Carrboro’s four large green parks – Anderson, MLK, Wilson/Adams, Baldwin – fall on an arc that swings around the northern side of town, far from Carrboro’s apartments and condos. This 5.5 acres of open space (pink star) is centrally located in the apartments side of town:

Apartments & Condos are Unfairly Park-Deprived
For decades this meadow has informally provided restful respite to our Fidelity-Davie neighborhood, which is Carrboro’s most crowded: Over 500 of us live in 300 condo and apartment homes. Several hundred more folks live nearby on Jones Ferry and Poplar. Please help us ask the Carrboro Town Council to convert this space into an official park that could host quiet and graveyard-respectful activities. If the Council instead continues with their current planning to expand (and eventually double) the town’s Davie graveyard into this uniquely centrally located open space, that would make most or all of it permanently inaccessible to future generations.

Our Park Plan
This green space is the only remaining open space in central Carrboro, and the Town already owns it! So it will cost far less to create a new park here than elsewhere. This park could contain picnic tables, a community garden, jogging trails, benches, a dog park, a playground, and a platform for yoga, ceremonies, and stargazing.
See our Park Plan ideas and then send us your suggestions!

Comp Plan said we’re “Highest Priority” for a new park
Carrboro’s Comprehensive Plan lists “equitable access to parks and open spaces” as a top priority. On a map in a draft of it the Fidelity open green space was at the center of the “Highest Priority” area in Carrboro for a new park. This was based on the metrics Density, Low income, People of color, Health, Urban heat islands, and Pollution.

Green spaces are healthy
Open spaces are the green lungs that cool and clean our air. Studies have shown that living near an open green space can improve the mental health of residents as well as their physical health. This is especially important for folks who live in multifamily housing. Why can’t we have a real park on our side of town?

Screened from graveyard
Had native species been planted along an existing ridge in 2016 as we had proposed, by now they could be screening a quiet and respectful park from the Town’s soon-to-fill-up graveyard along Davie. A park entrance sign could say “Please be quiet and respectful during services and when people are visiting graves.”

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