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The 4 Colored Buttons on Home Page go to 4 Summary Pages:
WP1 Why Park? – Why make Fidelity park?
BH1 Background & History – This land, our neighborhood, history
GY1 Graveyard? – Why do they want to double Carrboro’s Davie graveyard?
PH1 Tell Town Council what you think

Why Park? detail pages
WP1a Our Park Plan
WP2 Carrboro’s parks are inequitably distributed
WP3 Carrboro’s new Comprehensive Plan is ignored by Council
WP4 Fishy Business? Was favorable ParkServe map suppressed?
WP5 We are in an Urban Heat Island (UHI) along Fidelity

Background & History detail pages
BH2 Our 1989 election victory stopped the post office sale
BH3 Town Council does not inform neighborhood or consult with it
BH4 Neighborhood History

Graveyard? detail pages
GY2 Morality and Politics
GY3 CVDA Plan threatens meadow with more 2,800 graves
GY4 Alternative to Davie graveyard expansion
GY5 Graveyard plots & trends

Petition & Helping pages
PH0 Petition FAQ
PH2 Write to Town Council
PH3 Make a Video
PH4 Speak to Town Council
PH5 Talking Points

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