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Spring 2023
It’s important to submit your video in April or early May, before the Council holds its next cemetery Work Session later in May … because we will probably be put even more badly at a disadvantage in that next session … so far this council has already shown no hesitation in beginning to render a verdict before they even have notified our neighborhood and the community, much less heard from people

Showing to Town Council
During Covid it was possible to submit videos that were up to 3 minutes long. We don’t yet know the current rules. If your video is no more than 60 seconds long, then you can email it to us and we will splice it together with a few other short videos. Then one of our volunteers will play that composite video during one of their 3 minute speaking slots.

Making Your Video
Since it will be shown on a 4 x 3 screen, please hold your phone horizontally (landscape mode)! Otherwise, we won’t be able to splice it together with some other short videos. Be sure to include 1 or 2 seconds of silence at the end of your video, since our splicing app will fade out your last 1.5 seconds!

Submitting Your Video
If it is larger than 20MB then please check with us.
Send it us at
If it’s okay to send it directly to the clerk, his email is

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