Tell Carrboro Council what you think!

Spring 2023 Alert
Contact Carrboro Town Council by early June, before the Council holds its next cemetery Work Session … then we will be put even more badly at a disadvantage.

Direct Petition at,
(Please include your Carrboro street in your comment.)
Petition FAQ about joining, etc.

Email Council is better than the online petition ..
Talking Points has some tips for what you might write.

Can you help more to save the Fidelity open green space?
It will be wonderful if you can do more than signing our petition! People on Fidelity & Davie have short time horizons and most are very busy. A few dozen caring folks are urgently needed to write or speak to the Town Council for future residents –

Work as a petition passer or help us find someone @ $20-$25/hour!

Quick Selfie Video is most powerful way and is fast.

Speak some Tuesday evening to Council in person.

Here are some other ways you can help:

Help substantially  (30 minutes)
Put up a yard sign. Please write us at

Help majorly  (45 minutes)
We can help you to shoot a mini-video, which we will splice together with others to show to the council at a meeting. See   Make Video. Please write us at to set up a time (or send us a selfie-video)

Help hugely  (70 minutes)
Speak live for 3 minutes on Tuesday evening April 25 (or perhaps May 2) to the council, in person or by zoom: See   How Speak

Help astronomically  (a few hours)
Ask your HOA or neighbors to email the town council, or help us staff a table at the Farmer’s Market. Please write to us at