Make Carrboro Parks

Our Vision
Graves are permanent and land is eternal.
Let’s look to the future and not to the past.
Let’s open a door for continued traditional burials at a nearby beautiful site out on Jones Ferry.
Doing this will also open the door to preserving all of the Fidelity meadow and woods for a park and a nature preserve, thereby maintaining this space’s flexibility for future generations’ uses.

Our ‘Make Carrboro Parks’ Group
We are Carrboro people, mostly from the Fidelity & Davie neighborhood, who believe that our town council should adopt a long-term viewpoint regarding our precious remaining open green spaces: Preserving these open spaces and using some of them to create new parks in underserved areas of town should be of the highest priority for Carrboro.

Website Author: This site was created by Bob Proctor in March and April 2023, who is solely responsible for its content. I am a semi-retired UNC math professor, and I have lived in Village Square (behind the doctor’s office) for over half of my life (since 1987).
Steering Committee Members: Quaye Trimble, Jamarius Waller, Preciosa McCrea, Steve Kennedy, Chris Young, Chris Pendergrass, Doug Brower, Michael Vazquez, Nathan Jorgenson, … .

Folks who helped get us “on the map” in the Comp Plan by speaking at the November 2021Council meetings or by writing letters and emails to the Council that fall and subsequently: